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Does Linux read underscore


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Ive got some images that arent showing up since ive uploaded osc from my Windows based computer to the Linux server.

I noticed that alot of the images that arent showing up have an underscore in their names.

Ive heard that one problem I had was because Linux has problems between Gif and gif, capitol and smallcase whereas Windows has no problems between the two.

So that brought me to think that maybe these other images arent showing up because of the underscores.


Just curious B)

I'm a victim of circumstance

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Unlike Windows, Linux and unix file systems are case sensitive, so image_01.Gif, image_01.gif and image_01.GIF are three seperate files. In general, if it's a valid file name under Windows, it's valid under Linux, although I would stay away from using spaces in file names.





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