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[HELP] Adding Pictures Problem


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As a newbie I have a question please:

My kid has built for me a "store" using the oscommerce software.

I have no experience with this software, but it worked OK for the first several times, using Explorer, then suddenly the jpeg and gifs at the start page disappeared and I'm getting a "square" with a red X.

Opening the same page with Firefox, everything is OK.

Is there anything I may do to fix it?

TIA for help,



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IE is more exacting than Firefox when it comes to what you have as your settings in your configure.php files.  So it's in those files that I'd start looking for an error.




Thank you for responding,

Here is my "under construction" website:


After 1-2 refresh - the pictures disappear.

clicking on one of the "squares" bringd me a page with shows the icon.

Now - clicking on the "back" arrow, I'm getting the main page ok.

Refresh again - and the icons and some of the page just gone,,, :(

Please help ....



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There may be a connection with that that I have a "cookie" as admin ?

On my second PC (slave to this PC) I can do refresh as many times I want, everything is ok.

On this PC, and on my kid's PC, (we both are logging as admins) - from different places - both have the same problem :(

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