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The e-commerce.

Wine store


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UK based wine store going live soon and appreciate any final comments please. Some work still to complete (metas, product/sub cat images etc) but you'll hopefully see the idea:




I'm having a few problems getting the text to paginate nicley in FF and IE at different sizes - any ideas appreciated please :)




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My only comment would be to move your store from the catalog file and put it into your root folder. I am also pleased to see that you have put some time and thought into your site, and that you have taken the time to alter the advanced search help page.


Looks good.


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Thanks for the positive comments - I'll look to loading to the site root in future.

Now to investigate the SEO contribs :)


Any feedback on the other site I posted (diamond store) also appreciated when you have a minute.


Thanks again,


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I love wine.


OK, some general feedback. First off, I hate it when I can't get back to the homepage of a site by clicking on the banner. This never use to bother me until I started creating websites, but it's a pretty standard use model to be able to click on the header and get back to the landing page.


When you click on top, it should take you to the lading page of the store since you don't have anything in the root. This will be automatically fixed when you move the store to the root of your domain.


I hope that you fill all your categories before "go live" as there is nothing I dislike more than empty categories.


You could use some images of your products. It would add a lot to the site.


This site reminds me of a wine store that I looked at when I first stated on osC. It has a similar layout with about the same colors. That was definitly an insiration for the design of my sites.


All in all like the layout. The colors are plesant, and the design feels clean and professional. However, I feel that the My Account | Cart Contents | Checkout | and the breadcrumbs are kind of just thrown in there. You need to find a way to more seamlessly integrate them.


I think it will be a great shop once you have filled in your categories, provided better product descriptions, and added some product images. Good work. :thumbsup:

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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I only went in there for a short time since I liked the products. I like the overall feeling of the site, and I could not find anything worth mentioning.

So, keep up the good work and, good luck.



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First --- Great Site! Love the colors and layout. Perfect for your product.




Claiming ignorance of the laws will not protect you from customs and ATF.


There are many countries and half the states in the US which will not accept wine shipments. You need to do the research and specify that, or mom will be visiting you every other weekend in the brig....


Your page states ... in Conditions of Use ...




6 Taxes, duties and import restrictions


6.1 We have no knowledge of, and no responsibility for, the laws in your country of residence.


6.2 You are responsible for purchasing Goods which you are lawfully able to import and for the payment of import duties and taxes of any kind levied in your country of residence.




Making that statement will not protect you if you ship wine, an underage kid drinks it, jumps in his dads car and runs over twenty children getting off the school bus....


But hey, thats just my opinion.

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Thanks for your comments. I take your point about the "small print" but its actually compiled by a bone fide legal outfit - doesn't make them right I suppose but they sure know more about it than me :blush:


The site has actually been built for a guy who sells the stuff and not myself - whilst I try to guide them wrt the site design, I tend to try and disclaim any responsibility for their legal blurb.


I will let him have your comments and suggest he takes a deeper look. I think he is going to start off just in the UK so maybe those bits are better removed.


Thanks for checking and thanks for the nice comments about the design :)



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