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Easy Populate & Products Attributes - Need advice


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I look at the Easy populate Contribution and thinking about using it.

But I need some advice from someone who already use it.


I got a lot of additional contributions- GD images, additional images, products master-slave etc.


Can I use this Contribution with other contributions or not?

If yes, do I have to modify Easy Populate or not?

If yes, is the process easy to do, or it takes a lot of coding skills?


What software is easy to use - excel or there is other, and more comfortable software to edit csv?


Will be very happy for any good answer.



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Easypopulate comes with a fair amount of support for various contributions coded in. I know it supports some types of multiple image contributions. And the header tag contributions. And it'd probably be best to just download and look at the documentation and code and see if your contributions look like they're supported.

Always BACK UP your files and your database before making any changes. Before asking questions, check out the Knowledge Base. Check out the contributions to see if your problem's solved there. Search the forums.


Useful threads: Store Speed Optimization How to make a horrible shop Basics for design change How to search the forums


Useful contributions: Easypopulate Fast, Easy Checkout Header Tag Controller

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anyone else?


Changing the code to support more mods takes quite a while, as you want to be able to upload and download files - so you need to change both. Good php and database knowledge definitely helps.


I had to mod a version of it for a customer with a pretty complicated setup, and it took me 8h to get it to work.




addicted to writing code ... can't get enough of databases either, LOL!


my toolbox: Textpad - Compare and Merge - phpMyAdmin - WS_FTP - Photoshop - How to search the forum


Interactive Media Award July 2007 ~ category E-Commerce

my advice on the forum is for free, PMs where you send me work are considered consultation which I charge for ...

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OK, thanks for a reply.


Another question:


1. When I import the inventory, does it overwrite the existed inventory?


- Lets say I have 100 products in database and importing list of 20 products, will my 100 products will be deleted or those 20 will be added to 100? (120 in total after import)


- What about if I have 2 same model numbers online (new and ref), will it work? I took a look at the feed, and looks like it will not work.


- What about if I importing inventory list and it contains model numbers I already have in the database? (I planning to import price lists, but they contain only a short description) Will this feed overwrite existing product description? If yes, is there any way to make the script skip adding description if it is already exists?


Please advice

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