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sef rewrite error linking to products within desc


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I am using the SEF Link Transformer mod



I have a few products with accessories... and i've been trying to create a simple link within a product description to link to another product.


Here is my simple link:


This product includes <a href="domain.com/product52/product_info.html>this accessory</a>


When I view the page online, it rewrites as:


This product includes <a href="domain.com//product52product_info.html>this accessory</a>



Although the link still works... I don't think it's a good practice.


Any ideas? Thx.


ps. the rewrite line, i believe is in question, is this:


RewriteRule ^product([0-9{}]+_?[0-9{}]*)(/?.*)$ $2?products_id=$1&%{QUERY_STRING}

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Thank you for the assistance... it led me to investigate further.


I found the problem lies within the WYSIWYG Editor. When I'm editing a product description, and use the "Insert Web Link" command, it automatically appends the Full URL to what is entered.


- I enter "/product78/product_info.html"

- When I preview, everything looks fine

- After update, the WYSIWYG editor changes it to:


- When I view it online, SEF rewrites it to:



When i switch to 'View HTML Source', and edit the link, the WYSIWYG editor doesn't append the Full URL. Even if i reopen, edit something else, and save it again.


I'm currently using WYSIWYG Editor 1.7, and guess it's time to find another.



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yes for this and some other issues I want to customize the description pages so I tend to avoid integrated editors. Either way you need the eval or a separate parser because with a straight http link within your site you loose the session. The tep_href_link has to be used.

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