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Points redemption?


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We are in need of points redemption in our online store. Users earn points for completing certain activities on the site, then redeem them toward the purchase of items in the store. Example: user has 50 points (worth $.10 each) and goes into store and adds a $15 shirt to cart. The screen should update and show $15.00 - $5.00 (redeemable points) = $10.00 due. The rest of the process is straight forward.


We already have the points system in place and member management, but we are looking for a solution, or a customizable solution to make this happen.


My questions:


Does anything like this already exist in osCommerce?


If not, is it something that can be added?


Is there a developer here looking for this kind of work?


The site is in non-public beta testing right now, so i can't give out a link.

We're running Apache/PHP/mySQL on Linux.


I would be most appreciative for any information you can provide.





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I haven't used this contribution personally, but this contribution looks pretty much like what you're looking for. Don't know if you can set up pre-established points in it, but my guess is that it wouldn't be that hard to modify.

Always BACK UP your files and your database before making any changes. Before asking questions, check out the Knowledge Base. Check out the contributions to see if your problem's solved there. Search the forums.


Useful threads: Store Speed Optimization How to make a horrible shop Basics for design change How to search the forums


Useful contributions: Easypopulate Fast, Easy Checkout Header Tag Controller

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