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The e-commerce.

How does OsCommerce Interact with Windows


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I am installing the shopping cart program on a windows server webhost with a Mysql database. When I emailed the webhost they said the following:



"Please note that the osCommerce Shopping cart is not fully supported on our

Windows servers. The reason for this may be the fact that the Windows

Operating System is not native to PHP which can cause problems for some

aspects of PHP. Instead of using a PHP based shopping cart, we would

recommend considering the use of an ASP driven shopping cart. You can find

such shopping carts at:"


What functionality issues are related to runnign this program on Windows servers? If someone could please clarify and let me know if this will work properly or if I should "pay through the nose" for an ASP shopping cart program.



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hmm..., I am running apache on a windows machine for testing/debugging if that what you mean by "windows server" and I don't have problems with php/mysql.


Now if they simply dont want to provide php/mysql support is a different matter.


as of this

the Windows

Operating System is not native to PHP which can cause problems for some

aspects of PHP.


I think its a good "story"

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This is what my webhost boasts about it's Windows Accounts:


I am fairly certain it is a IIS Server. Do you think I should look into an ASP shopping cart program? If so, do you of anything for free? I would definately like to use OsCommerce but if it does not work then I may be forced to go to another product. Let me know what you think.


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Why not just get a linux server or if your host only offers windows servers move to a new host?

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