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If I list a future release date for DVD releases, they do not show up as a stock item for obvious reasons. I was wondering - Is there a way to get them to display but with those future release dates?


Would I need to create a new category - something like 'future releases'?


Also, can somebody help me with this other niggling problem - when I click on the one title I have listed as in stock )for trail purposes at present - why does it have the heading 'Genre'?



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When you add a product to your Catalog in osC admin and give it an available date some time in the future then it will automatically appear below the New Products module on your homepage as 'Upcoming Products' - just as it already does.


The Category sub-heading of 'Genre' appears because 'Genre' has been added as a sub-category of DVD under Catalog in your osC admin panel.



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OK, I think I'm getting this - how do I apply a particular genre (horror, thriller etc) to a DVD title? It seems that 'genre' is a separate entity at present (I changed manufacturer to genre)


And... what does the category 'Top' mean?

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