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hello there,

for a couple of days is occuring a strange thing in my site. Someone or something is putting reviews on every products (more than 500), but without name neither text neither rating.

The strange thing is that you have to fill those 3 fields (if you don't there is an alert wich prevent to go on). That made me think that it acted directly on the DB so i changed the password but that haven't changed anything.

Other strange thing is that i can see americans IP (i'm based in Spain, the site is in spanish) using the product_reviews_write.php pages but the products_id's doesn't fit the reviews that appear...

This is not really a problem because i have to aprove a review before it can be seen, but it's very annoying because i have plenty of reviews to approve and i could loose a "real" one. Besides it scares me not understanding what's happening.


I still use a older version of OSC, i'm working on changing to the last one, could it be the reason? Does anyone passed through this before? (i made a search in the forum but i haven't found anything)


Any help/comment will be apreciated.


see you



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hello me :P


well, just in case it could help someone one day, here is how i solved it.


The IP appears to be a robot. I guess it works like a non javascript enabled browser that's why it could post reviews without name nor text nor rating.


So to prevent more blank reviews i add a piece of code to check that there is something before putting it in the DB. Here is the code:


Line 25,


if ($valid_product == true) { // We got to the process but it is an illegal product, don't write


i added:

if ((isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["customers_firstname"]))&&(isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["review"]))&&(isset($HTTP_POST_VARS["rating"]))){


and of course close the { on line 37.

that's all folks.

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