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The e-commerce.

Products in several "categories"


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Does anyone know if there is a way to make a product available under several categories?


For instance:

I have a CD that could appeal both to people that like pop OR rock.


Therefore it would be great if it showed up under BOTH Rock and Pop.


When u register products u can only specify it under one "label".

Of course I don?t want to register it as TWO products.


Would be very thankful for suggestions. :thumbsup:

Information overload!

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find the product you want tolist in more than onecategory in your 'categories/products' list. Make sure it is the one highlighted and you will see four buttons to the right marked 'edit' 'delete' 'move' and 'copy to'.


Click 'copy to' and then choose which other category you wish it to appear in. then click 'copy'

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Oh, ok!

I thought copy just "copied" the product, and u got a brand new product to modify (if u have a lot of similar products).


So when u copy the product it?s still ONE product that appears in several places?

That is great! Just what I needed!



Information overload!

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