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Log Out Problem


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I am using the Paypal module. For some reason, the orders in the store is not showing in admin. My customers are complaining about the cart still having items.

Paypal charges them, but I have no idea what they ordered.


Here is how it happens:


Customer clicks on checkout after having a cart full of items, customer logins or is already logged in, customer chooses shipping option, customer is then sent to paypal, so far so good...


Customer either logs into paypal or they select the credit card payment option. Okay, customer gets charge and I get an e-mail from paypal that I recieved the money. BUT, here is one problem.


I do not get an e-mail about the order, AND I can not see the order under Customers/Orders. What am I doing wrong?


Also, I am having a lot of problems with keeping the user logged in. I do believe that is what my problem is. The customers do not remain logged in so after they finish in Paypal, it goes to the site and it is logged off.


Then I logged in again, click around awhile and after five seconds, LOGS OFF. Is there something that I have set wrong, and what about session timeouts or log in timeouts, where do I set those. Thanks.

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Download the new PayPal IPN module from the oscommerce team. ;)

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