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We run a bookstore and I have use the manufacturer name for authornames. Now I would like to have all the books in the new products, news and product details to include the manufacturer/author names in the display. How do I accomplish that?




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there's lots of different ways to handle this but for books here's what to do: use OSC "manufacturers" your publishers. use OSC "model" for your ISBN. use OSC product name as book title. Include author names and the promo copy/bio in the product description.


i'd also use the publisher's small logo, the one that appears on the binding for your manufacturer image, it's what people are scanning for as though books are on the shelf at the bookstore:)


now if you sell more than books, say greeting cards and mugs, i'd change your product names slightly to indicate what type of product it is. thence product names might look like:


Book: How To Manage Ecommerce

Card: I Love You Mom

Mug: My Boss Makes All The Money


that makes it explicit to your customer and also helps in sorting your catalog. there's also a certain marketing advantage i won't get into.


AND if you also name your images for these products in the same manner, you'll find things easier to manage:






whenever you look at your image directory, the various product lines will all appear in groups. man, does this help when you have 500+ product images. there's the same marketing advantage i won't get into.


save product attributes for....products with different attributes, the method above will allow you to manage a bookstore.

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Well, I have used manufaturers for author and manufacturer image for author image. This works very well in that it allows the cutomer to find their author very easy, find other books by that author, and see sort the author's books in different categories. It also allows me to have a neat author presentation using the manufacturer weblinks.


But I still don't know how to make the New Products show both productname and manufacturername. I has to be possible to do some way, isn't it?

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