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FIX: No Images on any Page


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Problem: The website fails to display any images, but the placeholders still exist AND point to the correct place, where the images still reside.


Circumstances: This only happened once to me, but due to my inability to find the fix on these boards I decided to post it for anyone else having the problem.

My store was located on the root directory of the domain, and the store does not have SSL (it connects via paypal, but that's not important).



Cause: This is caused by the website thinking SSL is enabled. If SSL is actually enabled, you may want to go here instead:


If the images are missing their domain tag, go here:



Fix: Check your configure.php file. The fix is quite simple:

The define


should be set to nothing, i.e.

define('HTTPS_SERVER', '');


Setting the value to "/" without the quotes worked as well. It may be possible to remove the entry entirely for non-SSL servers.


This fix is a hack. If anyone can suggest something better, it would be appreciated. Once again, people far more knowledgable than me will either have to verify, elaborate on, or fix my information. Until then, this will suffice.

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