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The e-commerce.

Newbie needs help :)


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Right then this is my first attempt at this so be nice LOL.


I have set up my first OSCommerce site and it works perfectly and I have added the helpdesk admin, catalog and with a bit of reading the Database entries and table all OK but the instruction on setting up the E-Mail side of it make no sense (can't even find the aliases file on my server), if someone could do a more detailed instruction on this issue I know it would help me and other.


Many Thanks.





Mail Alias Entry (Sendmail Example)



In order to insert incoming emails into the database, a mail alias entry is needed

to pass the email content to the osc_mail2db.php script.


Each department the helpdesk has should have its own email address. Each

address should be entered in the mail aliases file.


An example mail alias entry for a "sales" department (email = sales@server.com) is:


sales: a_backup@email_address.com, "|/path/to/php -q /path/to/osc_mail2db.php config=/path/to/admin/includes/configure.php"


The mail aliases file may exist in /etc/mail/aliases - when it has been

modified the linux command "newaliases" needs to be executed.


The backup email address part should be a real email address which

emails are forwarded to. This is a backup incase the php script fails.


It is important to use the Administration Tool configuration file and not

the Catalog configuration file, as access is needed to the

mime_decode.php class via the DIR_FS_ADMIN parameter.


Qmail Example (.qmail-sales)



"|/path/to/php -q /path/to/osc_mail2db.php config=/path/to/admin/includes/configure.php"


Proc Mail Example




* (^To:|^CC:|^Cc:) .*sales@server.com

"|/path/to/php -q /path/to/osc_mail2db.php config=/path/to/admin/includes/configure.php"



TODO Suggestions



Store file attachments on the server and grant acess to the files via the

Helpdesk frontend.


[This is one reason to currently use a backup email address as noted

above incase a customer sends an email with a file attachment]


The mime_decode.php class is able to extract file attachments from an


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