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The e-commerce.

Does OSC fit the bill?


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I've never used OSCommerce before but I'm evaluating itfor a project I'm working on. Does anyone have any thoughts on how closely OSC (and any available contributions) matches the following list of requirements?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated.





Support wholesale and retail sales

____General (retail) and user-specific (wholesale) pricing and catalog

____Wholesaling would have to support buying on a Purchase Order

Support drop shipping of products by distributors

____Ability to specify distributor by product

____Ability to specify ship-from zip code and carrier by product or distributor

____Ability to provide shipping status by product or group of products

________Items on an order may come from different distributors

________A distributor may ship partial or split orders

____Reporting/exporting to facilitate drop shipping

Ability for buyer to designate shipping destination by item, rather than by order and have shipping calculated accordingly

Multiple photos of each product

Product versions

____Multiple versions (colors or sizes, for example) of a each product

____Ability to vary pricing by version

____Version-specific photos

Custom fields at the product level (enclosure cards for gifts, for example)

Usual e-commerce features like:

____Real-time credit card authorization

____Real-time shipping calculation (UPS, FedEx, USPS)

____Featured products, Related products, On sale products

____"People who bought this product also bought..."

____"People who viewed this product also viewed..."


____Gift Certificates

____Product categorization (multiple categories for a single product)

____Gift registry

Flexible, easily customizable front end UI, web-based administrative tools



Sorry for the funky formatting to get this into an outline...

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Wholesale and reatail - yes

dropshipping - yes but cant go into detail as I have never tried it. I know there are contributions for this though. Should take a look through them and read their descriptions.

Different destinations - never heard of it but not sure

Versions - yes to all called attributes and options

custom fields - yes

credit card auth - sure just depends on your merchant

shipping - yup but you have to sign up with whoever and get an account and so on

featured, related, on sale - yes yes yes and many ways to do this

people who bought - yes

viewed... not sure

affiliates - yes

gift certificates - yes

categories - yes

registry - not sure but there is a wish list contribution. may be a registry, never looked


Some of those things come with stock osCommerce, others are contributions. There are a kazillion (ok maybe not that many but a ton) contributions. If you look through them you will probably find things you hadn't thought of. :)


Customizing isn't too bad. Depends on what you know and your willingness to dig in. Couple of template systems you can install. However, I hate them so I never recomend them. You can edit the look using any editer. I use Dreamweaver and Photoshop. :)


Hope that helped you some.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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