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The e-commerce.

Keywords please help


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I have a list of about 150 relevant keywords for my new store. This is minus the keywords I have already used in my tags.


How can I add these 150 more keywords to my site?


Any and all ideas welcomed.



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It's pointeless :)


You say, that You already have some keywords in Your tags I assume that, they alrady are something about 100 words, so when you add those more it'll be 250.


There's no way You can position Your website for all those keywords.

I can bet, that the ones You have on Your website are too much already.


Have a brainstorm or two and think if all of those key words describe Your business precisely. Have in mind, that position of your website in search engines doesn't depend from the amount of keywords at all :)


It's all about content and buidling links!


Try to position your website for, one, two or three keywords if Your really must to have a lot of them. Make a research through using some tools generating keywords, like those that overture and check, which one of the keywords has the amount of hits in search engines that is satisfying You, than start working...


Build links with anchor texts containing Your keyword. 1 or 2 keywords, 1 is better as You'll see the results soon, if You'll choose to big amount of keywords or Your keyword will be too wide, than it's possible, that You'll never see your website in top 500 of results in google


Anyway... if You want to optimize your website well and imporve Your SERPs start from learining the basics There are really plenty of information about seo'ing on the net :)


  http://www.webworkshop.net/search-engine-o...n-articles.html [/code ]



- Forget about adding keywords, start thinking how should You gather some IBL's to your website ( Incoming back links )

- Decide on one good keyword, that's not too competative ( for the beginning )

- Optimize the content ( H1 tags and good copy stuffed, but not over stuffed, with Your keyword )

- Add Your website to free directory list vilesilencer's list is good it's address has already been given on this forum few times.


Kind Regards


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