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I'm doing course now in perl etc and stuck on some questions - it's leading to a CIW Web Design course though college haven't been v helpful though can't cancel now as due to finish in April


I'm on some questions i'm not sure about and they are - though just wondered if some one could clarify if i'm in right direction.


What are the missing commandsin positions a and b if the required display output is value 4D pos.if 4?[/b


%has = (A =>"1A",B => "2B",C => "3C")
$Aref = %has;
sub pandp {
        local  ($newItem, $Nref = @_;
        my $c = counthash ("Nref")+1;
        ______a-______ = $c.$newItem;
        print("Value '______a______' pos.\# $c.\n");
sub counthash {
        my ($tocount) = @_;
        my $x = 0;
        foreach $key (keys(______b______)) { $x++; }
        return $x;


Answers either


A - $$Nref{$newItem};b-%tocount

B - $$Nref{$newItem};b-%sstocount

A - $$nref{$newItem};b-%stocount

A - $$nref{$newItem};b-@sstocount


I think it's C or B



I'll post others not sure of tomorrow


I'm bit under the weather so perhaps not thinking straight.

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