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The e-commerce.

PLZ help, Newbie


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Plz could someone help me. I have a few queries, Im not bad with html and a little sql but not much else.

Here are my problems


1. I require a backup on my desktop, my oscommerce was installed automatically through my hosting service. So I thought the best way to get a full exact copy was to ftp it from my site area to my desktop. I tried to download the full file using wsftp and terrapin and got errors on both part way through. I have gone through the rest of the files and downloaded them individually I think I have got everything but am concerned i may have missed something. Will this be ok, or is there another way i should be doing this??? Any tips welcome.


2. From reading postings i understand that it will be better to use a local test server to work on the site, and i can fully understand the reasoning for this. I have not done this before but i have just downloaded apache but again looking at help postings it says i need to change things within apaches conf files etc and that i will still need to download php etc. Im a bit worried bout changing things cause i dont really no what i am doing. Is there an easier option??? I have windows xp.


3. I initially tried to upload a few items to the catalog just by ftp them straight up. I had a few problems with images. I had a file on my computer with images in and browsed to these and these images uploaded fine. However I had a CD with images on browsed to these and they didnt display. I then tried dropping these images into the file on my computer where the others uploaded from and then browsing to that, they still didnt display. The strange thing is when i look in the oscomerce image file where the others are they have uploaded they are just not displaying?? Any ideas?? I thought it must not be picking the path up right is there a way i can get into the sql dbase and change check the path. Or is there an easieer way.


Any help greatly appreciated




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