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Special price makin price column toooo wide


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When adding special price to a product it is displayed next to original price thus it makes the price column VERY WIDE and product name is in 3-4 rows... for some prices the special price is very nicely UNDER original price. How to make it like that with every price?


At the moment:

1990.00$ 1590.00$




Would like to get:



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Its not open yet, but running on apache and php4.4.0 with osCommerceMS2 and few contributions...


Isn't this normal behaviour? I thought it is... I'm viewing it with Opera, FireFox and IE and in everyone of them special price is usually to right side from original price.

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Your page is the same. I told the story wrong... My problem is when viewing categories, there you see product listing pages with for an example 20 products per page with different colums (name, model, picture, price, buynow). There, in price column, the special price is from original price to right and it makes the column WIDE and leaves less space other columns. My shop has products with long names and it makes them go to 3-4 rows even, when the browser-window isn't very wide!


So this IS DEFAULT behaviour of osC but how to change it?


Example on your hompeage!

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If you aren't bothered about having the original price shown, ie the one that has the line through it you could comment it out, so it only shows the special price?


Hmm, how is that done? This MAY work for some occasions but my goal would be to have original price ABOVE special price... or vice versa! They should be on top of each other... any ideas on that?

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Open file catalog\includes\modules\product_listing.php

Locate this line of code:

              $lc_text = ' <s>' .  $currencies->display_price($listing['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s>  <span class="productSpecialPrice">' . $currencies->display_price($listing['specials_new_products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</span> ';


replace with this

              $lc_text = ' <s>' .  $currencies->display_price($listing['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</s> <br> <span class="productSpecialPrice">' . $currencies->display_price($listing['specials_new_products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($listing['products_tax_class_id'])) . '</span> ';


you could see my shop how it looks like.


Backup your file first

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