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Need help moving site to new hosting company!


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Hello all :D


Little problem here...short version is I'm moving the site to another host. My site has many contributions that have been installed, but no products uploaded. I just finished getting it the way I wanted, but now have to move it from the test site.


I know some HTML, but the whole PHP and SQL stuff just blows my mind! Thank God for osCommerce :thumbsup: Anyways, I really would appreciate any help here. I find bits and pieces of info here and there, but I'm looking for a 'how-to' guide of sorts. (Backing up my entire site and uploading to new server, setting up the db, SQL stuff, etc, etc.)


Anybody out there want to help this pathetic soul :blush:


A million thanks in advance,



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What I do is download everything in the same structure as it is online, into a folder on my computer. Then upload it to the new host.


Also upload the install folder that comes in the osCommerce zip file.


Get into phpmyadmin, select my database, export all of the information... then go to my new phpmyadmin and add the database by clicking on SQL then browse selecting my sql file then clicking go.


Set all the correct permissions for the configuration files, image folders etc. depending on what you have.


Once everything is ready I go to the new url like http://newsite/install

run the install but DO NOT import the database.


Should be good to go from there.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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If you just copy all of your files and database, you stand the chance of losing orders or customers while the nameservers are switching (which can take up to 48 hours). You can either setup your new shop to use the old shops database and then switch the databases after the nameservers have switched, or just put up a blocking page on your old site saying you will be down for a short while. If you don't have much business then neither of these are probably not necessary though.



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Hey Wendy and Jack,


Thank you for your advice. I guess I should have mentioned that the site is just running on a test server, so no products are even uploaded yet, no customers to back up, etc. Its just a complete site with the contributions I wanted already installed. It also is a 1-click install (via Fantastico), so does this change anything?


I have never even backed up a site, let alone back up databases, etc. so any help is REALLY appreciated.


Thank you all again,



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