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problems with link within page


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hello community


I do have a prob with links referring within the site itself like any


<a href="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_THISFILE,'#top'); ?>" target="_self">b2top</a>


does not work :(

any further information I could provide you to help me solve this prob?


thx dahui

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I got it to work, but only strangely ???


means setting the anker workz as usual


<a href="test_anker"> </a>

but calling it causes strange errors:

<a href="#test_anker">go to testanker</a>

does not work, I have to call it with

<a href="thisite.php#test_anker">go to testanker</a>

and than it shoots the sites layout ????


never stepped over s.th. like that so far in my weblife, and we talk about simple ankers (??? tststs ???) anybody has made similar experiences and can support me please? such a basic but necessary thing 4 navigation! really need yr help.


thx dahui

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