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Index.php help


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Ok got the meta tag to work and the titles WOOHOO almost there!


You all have been so helpful!


Ok now currently on the old site running the filename is default.htm well now this needs to change to point to index.php.


Is there something I need to do or is this something my web hosting company needs to do?

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Is this the only file that has to be on the root.


Index.php ???



Your host should already have this done.  Delete default.htm (or rename it to something else if it's a file you need) and index.php should become the default.

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When you use your browser to look at your website, you often enter the following:




There is no actual file specified for the webserver to send to your browser, so it has a list of "defaults." This is an ordered list, so if the webserver is set to send defaults in the following order:






It will first look for default.htm. If it doesn't find a file called default.htm (in your root directory), then it will look for a file called index.htm. If it doesn't find that, then it will look for index.php. If it doesn't find that, it will either display the directory contents, or it will send an error message back to your browser.


The list is often different for every host, but generally speaking, if you have no files called index.html (or .htm), default.html (or .htm), then index.php will be the default. The index.php file does not need to be the only file in the directory, but it does need to be the first "default" file the webserver finds. If you can't figure out how to make index.php your default file, your host can answer the question very easily.



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