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Overwhelmed by attributes


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I have a 6500 item database and already set up 760 attributes. The next big step is to create a bunch of attributes for the items. The problem is that the attribute page is unmanagable. I need a quick and easy way to update attributes (apparently, by database is too big for easy populate) and am not sure want contributions would work of if there is a better solution through php-admin or something.


Note: I have the "option type feature" contribution for attributes installed.


Thanks in advance

Shade and Sweet Water

Chris Czerniak

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If your list of product ids is orderly, then you could use a spreadsheet program to compose scripts of mysql commands to copy and paste in phpmyadmin to add the attributes directly into the db. You could do it even if the product ids are higgly-piggly, but it's a lot easier if they aren't! This is the method I came up with when I got frustrated adding attributes.



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You could also try one of the attribute set contributions that allows you to assign attributes to sets, then choose the sets you want for the product on the product listing page, instead of having to deal with the attributes page.

Wendy James


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