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Credit Class/Gift Vouchers contrib


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I have just installed the gift voucher/credit class contribution, and thought that it was all going well. I can create gift vouchers/discount codes in my admin suite, and the shop hasn?t broken down either. I tried to test purchasing an item as the shopping cart pages have been fairly modified ? I get as far as the payment method page (checkout_payment.php), where I can enter credit card details/or select using a cheque/money order. But, when I click ?redeem? (with a gift code) or click ?continue? to confirm the order I get Fatal Error messages (on the checkout_confirmation.php page).


This is the error message with the cheque/money order module enabled:


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class moneyorder in /home/readingniguk/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/moneyorder.php on line 13


This is error message with the cheque/money order module removed (leaving just credit card as an option):


Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class cc in /home/readingniguk/public_html/catalog/includes/modules/payment/cc.php on line 13


Different error message ? but same line 13 ? and same redeclaring of class problem.


Is it something to do with different files parsing the same file at the same time or something? Is the above problem easy to identify or solve?


I have a delivery date picker, Product Attribute text input, Purchase without account, STS and X-sell contributions all installed. But I didn?t think they?d conflict ? none of the modified code was ever in the same place.


Please advise!!!! Many Thanks in advance!

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I have since solved this problem - which is nice - had a few choice words to shout at the screen while i sorted it all out. :D


Now - i have a formatting issue.


When the amount is summarised in the checkout the discount amount is displayed below the order total field.




Sub-total: ?99.99

Tax: ?17.50

Total: ?117.49

Discount: ?5


I know you can just see it and do the math that the actual amount is now ?112.49 but is there a way of making another field appear at the bottom which includes the discount?




Total: ?124.99

Discount: ?5

Final Amount Due: ?119.99


The same goes for the invoice of the order when i view it in admin.

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Just bumping this back up - as it is a pretty crucial bit of functionality, lots of people use it as its the most downloaded contrib - did anyone manage to get round this problem?

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