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The e-commerce.

New Store, My First...


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Very nice. Far better than I've managed in 2 months.


Comments? Well I don't like the ugly advert at the bottom of each page, or the 'get firefox' thingy.


Only other comment is that the 'product reviews' font when you view an item is horrible old Times Roman. I think something missed a CSS here.....


Nice one though.

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Bless you for extolling the virtues of Firefox, but that crap has no place on a business website.


Never let personal preference clutter your business website. More so if its someone elses business website.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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Thanks for the comments so far. I did go ahead and remove the "get firefox" flag/link. After thinking about it, for a site such as this is not really appropriate. Although with having the FirFox search plugin I guess that's why I thought having the "get firefox" would ok.


The reason for the ads at the bottom is basically my attempt at trying to do some link exchanges to try and get the site at least on the radar of Google. I'm finding that the online market my friend is trying to get into is a pretty saturated one. I've already suggested if he really wants this thing to start making money he's going to have to look at doing some pay-per-click adverts.


Well keep the comments coming! And if anyone has tips on how to get people coming to the site please let me know. Although I'm sure that's one of the biggest topics. Thanks again ppl!

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Let me start by saying, very nice. This is one of the better osC layouts that I have seen. Anyway, just some general comments from me.


I would get rid of the tell a friend box. I see no reason to have this on the site. It just takes up precious screen real estate.


When I mouse over the notifications button (in firefox) I get some weird text for the tooltip. I would just get rid of the notifications button alltogether.


In the shopping cart, if you change the quantity without clicking on update(click on continue shopping or checkout), then the quantity doesn't change. This is a change that I have made in all my osC sites. Most users won't click update.


I get a certificate alert when I go to checkout.


Those are my general comments. Once again, very nice site. Now I would spend a little bit of time working on your ndigital site.

osCommerce is a great piece of software with wonderful contributions.

Spend some time in the contribution area. There are a lot of gems there.

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The image for BizRate isn't showing up. Need to check the link to the .gif file.


The images of your products are very professional, very nice.


Navigation could be improved, I'm a bit overwhelmed and don't see intuative paths to go.


The contact us page has a telephone logo but no phone number. The phone makes me think I should be able to click on it to get your phone number.


Is Moe Gifts one or two words? Your logo has it as two; whereas, elsewhere it is one (Moegifts). These should match.


I like the bold in your privacy notice, it brings attention directly to what people want to know.


You might want to get rid of the "This product was added to our catalog on Monday 20 December, 2004." statements. I don't think it adds any value, but this is up to you.


The notifications link doesn't work. Have you tried to use notifications? It is difficult if you have many products. Maybe you want to leave this one out unless you plan to use it. The subscription to Newsletters is plenty for most people.


You may want to have people put onto their shopping cart page when they add something to their cart. I clicked on the add to cart and since it didn't change pages I thought nothing happened.


Your wishlist works good, it would be really neat if it could generate an html email with images in it.


I click on Home Accents and I see a few products. I'm led to believe that this is all of the products you have in this category. However, I can click on sub categories in the left menu to find more products. The images in the Home Accents category should be of each subsequent category.


Some other weird things happening to your website with listing products, I think you're working on your site as I look at it. If not, then browse through your categories menu and you'll see what I mean.

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Nice and "non-threatening", clean and clear look - inviting.

One "flaw" : 'continue shopping' takes me back to the last page viewed (I took it out on the site I'm preparing to launch).


Nice job - good luck!

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