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Payment Before_process funtion not returning


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When checking out in my shop paying with credit card, customers pay correctly but no e-mail is send to them nor the stock is adjusted nor the order is registered at the orders table.


I have been debugging for hours and I have found out:


- Checkout_process.php is called

- The before_process function of the payment modules is called

- The before_process function does everything correctly till the last line, so it registers in the accepted orders table the new order (of course in the mid-time customer have paid and the payment has been accepted)

- The flux does not go back to checkout_process.php to go on registering the order in the orders table and afterwards sending emails, adjusting stock...


There is no error shown.


I have run out of ideas, any help would be very appreciated.



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have you checked if the order tables maintain any info in the mysql? Is there something stored?


Nothing is stored as the flux never comes back to checkout_process.php. I Check it printing something in various points. And the message in the line after $payment_modules->before_process();

is never printed.


On the other hand I set up another print message at the end of the script that is called after payment and it owrks fine.

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