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The e-commerce.

2 databases running together??


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i have two SEPERATE oscommerce's (seperate directory AND database) running in different directories

yet one (seemingly all of a sudden) is pulling partial data from the other database .. i have "tell a friend" disabled, yet on random product pages it shows up (the new database has it enabled)


the categories from the new database are showing up on the old one, but if i click to view a product... the categories appear. if i click the back button, the categories are gone.


i can't fathom what i could have possible done to do this, i didn't even know it was possible!


EVERYTHING else seems to be working properly.


the new site isn't having any weird happenings like this at all.


all products are still safe in each database.


:blink: :blink: :blink: :blink:

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:blink: that appeared to work


thank you, i was about to gouge my eyes out over this.


they were each in a directory like this:





eventhough they're in two totally different directories they're affected by one another? can somebody explain to me why or how that happens, i'm still baffled by it.



oh yeah, the tell-a-friend thing is still showing up on the site i don't want it to, and i have it set to false in the admin cp, how do i fix that? just delete it from the source?

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