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Install 3 images after "additional image" contribu


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Hi, gurus,


I have someone tailored a website for me with a lot of contributions installed. After the handling over, I found it would be a pain to maintain all by myself. So I hope I can get advise from this forum.


I have ULTRA SEO, WYSIWYG, additional images... blah blah installed on my system. So the categories.php is heavily changed. At this moment, I'd like to have "Small medium, large images" contributions installed. I got a warning that I would mess up some of files, because they are heavily changed, though "3 image contribution" should not confilict with the others.


I went to the contribution page and tried to find something more about this. I found "3 Images Update - complete package". Though it fixed the "COPY OVER" problem of the original releaser, it has a condition which I cannot understand. I copied and pasted the descriptions below. Hope someone with more experience can help me.


I am referring to the condition 2), which refers to "Small Medium, and Large image" of some one which can be dated to 2003. In this "Small Medium, and Large images", A "COPY OVER" is required, even in its latest update in 2003 by "Joshua Wiens"


Does the condition 2) below really mean so? Anyone can tell me whether this is the correct download that I should follow, if I'd like to have "3 images" contributions installed. I have to be extra careful because the whole website is not developed by me and I am almost a moron in PHP.





Thank you very much











George Snell has offered an excellent little upgrade to the "Sm,Med,and Large Images" contribution, but unfortunately it requires you to COPY OVER his included files instead of just giving step-by-step modification instructions. This means that you cannot install "3 Images" if you have already installed "S,M,L" or if you have made ANY other modifications to your stock OSC installation.


To rectify this, I have written this contribution, which is essentially a re-packaging of George Snell's terrific work, designed for people (like me) who have ALREADY INSTALLED other contributions and therefore cannot just copy over the files in his package.


If you meet the following criteria, this is the contribution for you:


1) I have installed OSCommerce and have subsequently changed files or added other contributions.

2) I have installed the "Sm, Med, and Large Images" contribution (a highly recommended contribution, by the way)


If that describes you, then THIS is the package to download, NOT the original by George Snell. This package simply describes a few extra modifications to make to implement George's ingenious addition without having to overwrite your actual files.


This contribution is an extension of the great work done by George Snell, Christopher Miller, and Matt Lewis. I have installed it on OSC 2.2 MS2 without trouble.

-David Wang

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