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Hi all,


I'm a newbie to this but I hope you can help.


I'm trying to upload a tab flat file into my store. Are there any How to guides ?


Anyone point me in the right direction?


Thanks all,




Ok... you've asked a multi-part question.


Let's start with CSV files.

1. Using the contribution Easy Populate (EP) you can import CSV files using the mouse and clicking.

2. The CSV file needs to be in a format that EP expects. You can have you third party app create the CSV file in the correct format or you can write a script to transform it.

3. EP can be modified to accept parameters using GET instead of Post

4. You can write a cron job to run the transform script then run the modified Easy Populate file on a regular basis.


A note about XML

XML is simply a structured text file similiar to HTML.  You can have the script transform the XML to CSV so the basic concept is the same.


In my experience, an average coder should be able to perform each step within a few hours as long as you have documentation from the 3rd party app. Obviously, your life would be a lot easier if you can control the creation of the CSV file from the start.


Hope that helps,


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