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Easy Populate description field


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I've populated my database with 1500 items using easy populate, and with a little tweaking everything was fine.


My original database didn't have any descriptions, but since then I've managed to acquire the descriptions, assosciate them with the correct product numbers as used in the previous database, and set the file format correctly. I'm using the right seperator configuration (a semicolon) and it appears to work, but no new descriptions appear on the site, or in the database.


When running the script, I got the same messages as when I originally populated the database - the model number, and 'Updated' in bold.


Script execution time has been extended to 90 seconds, so thats not causing the problem.


The first few lines of the csv file look like this:



NS0051;" description here";EOREOR

NS0052;" description here";EOREOR


I've removed the descriptions, to avoid clutter. Its HTML though, containing no quotemarks, tabs or backslashes. I've tried the v_products_description_1 field with and without quotes, with no change.


I've just had an idea about extra spaces which didnt work out, but i did notice this:


When looking at the results page, which shows the product number, the first few characters of the description and then 'Updated' - those first few characters of the description are in an html table originally, but it does not include the table on the output page. I checked the HTML source to verify this, and its definately only the text contained within the table. This tells me its reading the file and the field names in correctly, but for some reason its not getting as far as the database.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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