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Discount Special Contribution question


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I installed the Discount Special contribution to give my customers a percentage off as a sale. My problem is I use PayPal IPN and it is carrying over the full price of the product instead of the discounted price.


The shopping cart shows the full price of the item and then the Sub-Total which is the price when the discount has been given. It looks like this:


Purse $19.85

Sub-Total: $15.88


In Checkout it looks like this which is correct:


Sub-Total: $19.85

Discount Special: $3.97

Shipping Rate (Shipping): $5.75

Total: $21.63


But the PayPal IPN is picking up the $19.85 (full price) instead of the $15.88 (discounted price) so the total due is wrong at PayPal. It needs to pick up the Sub-Total from the cart and not the actual price of the item. How do I fix this?

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Does anyone know how to fix this? If I switched to a merchant account where the checkout would stay inside the store instead of going out to PayPal do you think it would work right then? Please help. I can't make sales the way it is now. Thanks!

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