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Product Personalisation/Personalization Options


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After my 1st full year of osCommerce and running a few stores using what is clearly the best shopping package in the world, I thought I would want to give something back. The problem is that I lack the hard coding skills but Im hoping someone will use my idea here to make this work, im sure it can be done and I am willing to help someone/people out where I can.


I think osCommerce lacks an option where shop owners can turn on a feature which adds a personalisation feature to every product. This would be optional and be able to be turned on or off for every product and im guessing that another feature should be the option to charge per letter and then add this price to the shopping cart total.


Like I said I dont think I have the PHP skills but I think (hope) there is enough info for someone to turn this into a mod. Im guessing the database will have the following fields (maybe more / less);


Product ID (the product ref)

Personalisation ID (On/Off)

Cost Per Letter (price per letter)

Personalisation Text (the text the user inputs)

Personalisation Charge (Cost Per Letter x Personalisation Text)

Layout Notes ID (optional to turn this on)

Layout Notes (Notes where the personalisation will be placed)


I think this is all that is needed - maybe more, let me know.


What im guessing is that Personalisation Charge gets passed to checkout as "Personalisation" with the price. This will be a seperate option to the product that you buy (if poss).


Then when the order is placed, the admin will have some way of getting the personalisation and layout notes details. Im not sure where is best for this - maybe a seperate admin section if it is too hard to add these to the order details.


Like I said, I dont think I have the skills to make this work. But I hope this idea is a major part of the mod and I just hope people are keen to work to make this mod come true.






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