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Need advice - Which shipping contribs to look at?


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Just need some advice about shipping contributions. Want to know if what I need is out there already.


My store sells live products and dry goods.


* If a buyer purchases a dry good, they should just get 3 Fedex options based on weight. No big deal.


* If a buyer purchases a live product, they should have a flat fee (Fedex Overnight) applied. No choices.


* If a buyer purchases one of each, they should get the Fedex options for the dry goods and have the flat fee applied to live items. Maybe displayed in two tables on the shipping page with the total at the bottom?


Is there a contribution(s) out there that I could configure to work this way? Any suggestions/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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I am not aware of a contribution. You could create another shipping module (just copy an existing one) then modify the products to include this extra field for dry/live (probably you already have this)


Modify the cart class so it includes this extra field then in the shipping module (ex: in function quote) make the $cart global so you can get its contents plus the dry/live field and derive the correct shipping table to output.

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