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The site has been live for 6 months now and I have added many mods each month. Just seeing what everyone else thinks should be fixed.









All items


Price Breaks

Hell I dont even remember all the mods i've added

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At 1024x768, your website stretches out my screen something fierce. And this is before I increase the font size, even.


Design looks kind of bland, to me. Your pictures aren't that high quality, and when I click on "Click to enlarge", I want them to be enlarged, dammit. Didn't check all of them, but the ones I did had the same size at click to enlarge. Your create account button is still the default style, and doesn't look good with the rest of the site. What's with the completely random boxes in the box headings? Pick one style of box and stick with it, if you think that random boxes improve the look of the header.


You misspelled "too" as "to" in the header. Variable capslock (Swords (32) vs MEDIEVAL HELMETS (3)) looks careless. What on earth does the name PicturesCafe have to do with selling knives and katanas anyway? Strikes me as a better name for a place selling posters or something.


Overall, it just doesn't strike me as a very professional site.

Always BACK UP your files and your database before making any changes. Before asking questions, check out the Knowledge Base. Check out the contributions to see if your problem's solved there. Search the forums.


Useful threads: Store Speed Optimization How to make a horrible shop Basics for design change How to search the forums


Useful contributions: Easypopulate Fast, Easy Checkout Header Tag Controller

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Sorry, but I have to agree with Gillian.


I just don't get that warm fuzzy feeling that makes me want to buy anything. I needto be reassured that if there is a problem it will be sorted out immediately by friendly customer service staff. I don't want to hear that if anything does wrong it is all down to me and I have to pay all sorts of fees if the product doesn't match up to the description. I would run a mile!

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To add:


- I am on a 1028 screen size and have to scroll horizontally on your site.


- You should REALLY look into getting another domain name and renaming the biz. No one in their right mind will be able to associate your shop to the current name when searching for you.


- A 7Dana template? I can sort of see a 7Dana template in there, but you need to work on your header, images and thumbnails, and get a better layout for her template to really do justice.


- Lose the category counts (the counts in parenthesis)


- You still have some of the stock osCommerce cheesy icons on pages, such as cart.


- Your privacy policy is a bit small and should conform more to the BBBOnline's criteria.


- Your conditions page leaves alot to the immagination. Did you really cover everything? Hardly...


- Who are you? A shop should definitely have an "About Us" page, and as a wholesaler you should REALLY have one.


- As it stands now I would not purchase from your site. You need more of a "wholesale" presence. Provide information and service extras for your particular genre of customers.

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