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Setting up Authorize.net


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Hello, all.


Well, setting up the osCommerce (v2.2.2) has been simple. However, making it work with Authorize.net has not.


I don't know what version of the Authorize.net payment module is installed (doesn't show anywhere w/in osCom admin tool, nor have I found this info in any of the files I've looked through).


Btw, my site is being hosted on ipowerweb.com.


This is what I have so far:

within the osCom admin tool, at the Payment Modules>Authorize.net item are these settings:


Enable Authorize.net Module



Login Username



Transaction Key



Transaction Mode



Transaction Method

Credit Card


Customer Notifications



Payment Zone



Set Order Status



Sort order of display.



Also, the Authorize.net payment module is the only one I have installed.


Now, on the Authorize.net end, I have generated a new Transaction Code, and I have added this url (https://host345.ipowerweb.com/~mySiteDomainName/osCommerce/catalog/checkout_success.php)

to be the Default Receipt URL, as well as the Default Relay/Response URL.


I don't know if I need to do anything else at Authroize.net?


Well, whenever I'm in the page, checkout_payment.php (which as a parameter on that page is passing a variable named osCsid, that's equal to a 32 alphanumeric value), and I enter the test Visa credit card number (4007000000027), and a valid expiration date, and then I hit the Continue button, I'm then directed to the page, checkout_confirmation.php (which also has a parameter that's being passed...and it's the same parameter with the same 32 alphanumeric value that was on the checkout_payment.php page).


So, when I click on the checkout_confirmation.php page's Confirm Order button, I get this error message:

There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again.


And this is the url of the page:



I don't know what to do from here.


Authorize.net told me that I need to find where their reply message is. I don't see anything coming from them.


It doesn't appear that Authorize.net even receives the order. Nothing shows up there, at the Transcations info page.


Nor are there any transactions captured in my osCom admin tool Order's page.


I have been able to receive transactions in osCom admin tool Order's page when I activated the Credit Card Payment Module within osCom, though, but that's not what I want I my site, and how I want the transactions to be handled.


Please, I've been struggling with making this work with Authroize.net, so any information and direction anyone could provide me with, I'd greatly appreciate it!

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I'm still looking for anyone's help, but I also wanted to give all an update and perhaps some useful information that may help those out who are experiencing the same problems and frustrations.


Authorize.net provide me with 2 links on this forum that could provide some direction.


1 was very useful. The link talks about how to edit code in the authorizenet.php file so that an error number is reported back.


Here's the link:



Btw, on the posting, one user talks about removing "\"s as a possiblity, but that seems to be a another version since the one I'm using doesn't have that same file, and if it's this one file of the version that I do have, that has the url, but those "\"s aren't there in my version's code. So that didn't help.


Coming back from my tangent there, once I added the code to report the error response, my error changed from "There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again.", to "97 - TESTMODE cannot be accepted".


I turned off Test Mode (both in osCom admin tool as well as in the Authorize.net admin tool...they both had to be off).


So now I'm getting this error response:

"99 - This transaction cannot be accepted."


And that's where I'm at. This, after hours today. Eesh!


Please, anyone, help?




oh, here's the 2nd link Authorize.net provide me with...talks about the different versions (didn't apply to my situation, though) :(


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