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Copying sub categories to other parents categories


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Hello everyone,

I am running a performance auto parts store and spent 2 days making sub categories and images for a spacific car. !Example! Under Acura, there are 6 cars. Once being Integra. That is the one I made alot of sub categories for. Such as, Engine, Exhaust, Induction and the like. Under each of those categories are more categories. Like under Engine, there are Internal Components, Fuel system, Gaskets, Valvetrain.


As I said I spent 2 days making all these sub categories. All of them right now being under a sub category of Acura, then Integra. I have a good 60 cars total, and each one needs the same sub categories, it would take me weeks to recreate all these sub categories for each car. How can I copy all those sub categories and their sub categories to another category??


Heres examples


As you see here, you are under the main Acura category. There are 6 cars. Clicking on Integra take you to here



This is the category that holds all the sub categories I need to copy to other categories one level up.


46 is the Integra. I tried to look in phpMyAdmin to see if I could just copy the categories under it. But it was a bit more difficult to figure out then i expected.


If anyone can help me please do asap!! I really want to get this up asap so I can start adding my products!


If you have any questions please Email me or Instant Message

[email protected] ----- M374llic4 on AIM

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It is very important that I get this up and running, I am losing alot of money by it being down for so long : ( If anyone could please please help, I would really appreciate it. I have tried many contributions as well, and alas, no luck!

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