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UK VAT not showing on checkout


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I have installed a new osCommerce (actually OSMAX v2) site at http://www.kidEstore.co.uk/ but am having some problems with VAT at checkout.


I have installed all UK zones using the UK.Counties contribution.


To try and clear things up I have cleared down most of the TAX info and started over.


Firstly I have 2 Tax Classes : 'Taxable Item' and 'Non Taxable'


I have created one tax zone called 'EU' which contains 'United Kingdom'/'All Zones', 'France'/'All Zones', 'Germany'/'All Zones'.


I have created one tax rate priority 0, class 'Taxable Item', zone 'EU', Tax Rate 17.5%.


My store is defined as being in the country 'United Kingdom' and zone 'Hertfordshire'. I have defined 'Display Prices with Tax' as true.


Browsing my catalog as a guest shows the correct Inc tax prices.

Adding the items to my cart as a guest shows the correct prices.

Log in as a user from 'United Kingdon'/'Hertfordshire' still displays prices correct in catalog and cart.

Go to checkout confirm step and the VAT is lost, there is no tax line in the order total and the system will happily confirm without the tax being added. At this point I can still see the item in the basket with the correct tax inclusive price displayed.


Does anyone know what I have done wrong?


The order module is defined with the following options:-

1 sub-total

2 shipping

3 tax

800 Total


I have read a number of threads on the subject but am still stumped.


It appears that the tax setup is reasonably OK as the store settings are ensuring the guest browsers see the inc tax price.

It is as if the checkout module does not recognise my address as being in 'United Kingdom' / 'All Zones'. But the shopping cart is quite happy to display the inc vat price even when I am logged in.


Really would appreciate some help!

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Signing in as a user from the UK or Germany and the whole application shows inc TAX prices (which seems correct) until the order confirmation page where there is no tax line displayed and prices are ex-vat.


Signing in as a USA customer displays all prices ex-vat at all times, which appears to be correct.


It appears the tax zone settings are working OK (can anyone confirm this) but that the checkout process is broken.


I just don't understand why the checkout process is treating the tax zones differently.


The other possibility I suppose is that the checkout process is just not trying to calc tax. I have configured the order module in admin to have Sub Total sort order 1, Tax sort order 2, Total order 800. All other modules have been removed at the moment.


Really stumped by this one!

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