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Two Stores - One DBase - One Problem


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Hi Guys,


I am currently working on setting up my second store using the dbase from the original store. I have duplicated most of the tables and done the changes in the files.


I now have different shipping, payment and info pages for the new store all running off the one dbase.


All credit for the above goes to 'Monika in Germany' who has helped me no end in doing this. Heres looking at you kid! :P


However I do have one little problem that is bugging, which is a sessions problem in the admin. Nearly everytime I click on a box or link lets say my nochex apc and then transactions for example I get this error.


1062 - Duplicate entry '650006ed8e86de7c3bdbcdb61e64af73' for key 1


insert into sessions values ('650006ed8e86de7c3bdbcdb61e64af73?action=view?action=view', '1124568821', 'language|s:7:\"english\";languages_id|i:1;selected_box|s:13:\"configuration\";')





Warning: Unknown(): A session is active. You cannot change the session module's ini settings at this time. in Unknown on line 0


Now myself and Monika are at a loss to know how to solve this so I put it to you guys to try and give me a hand.


I hope this post makes sense.





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