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function updateNet() error !


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Hi Community,


well I think there's something weird in the updateNet() function.


This function is the one that should gives you the Net price (when you enter the Gross price) in the admin/categories.php, so mostly when you setup a new item in your shop.


Here the original code:

function updateNet() {
 var taxRate = getTaxRate();
 var netValue = document.forms["new_product"].products_price_gross.value;

 if (taxRate > 0) {
   netValue = netValue / ((taxRate / 100) + 1);


well If you try to put 100 EURO with an included tax rate of 16% this function should return..... 84 EURO


in math:

netvalue = 100-16% or 100*0.84 or 100*(100-16)/100


so replace the wrong calculation with :

      if (taxRate > 0) {
   netValue = netValue *((100 - taxRate) / 100);


Could someone give a confirmation, I know it's saturday evening.... but...I am here so I am probably not the only one.




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