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CHMOD Permissions for Admin Directory


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My problem started when I went to change some of the verbiage on my main page through the admin section. By the way, I am using a CRE Loaded version with an Algozone template. Anyway, I used the "define mainpage" option, made the changes, then when I went to save/update I received a message that said that I didn't have permission to make changes to the ..../admin/define_mainpage.php file. I verified the settings and even changed them to 777 for full access. Same problem.


So I thought that maybe the directory settings had somehow been affected, so I made the brilliant decision to CHMOD the entire admin drectory to 777 including all of the files and subdirectories. So the problem went from bad to worse - I couldn't even access the admin section of my site. I have tried to reverse the various files, subdirectories, etc to their previous CHMOD settings but I still have no ability to access the admin section of my site.


Any kind soul that can provide me with some remedy aside from a fresh install will win my undying gratitude.

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There's your problem right there. You can't rely on a crap company like AlgoZone to support anything.


They're support is the absolute WORST I've ever encountered. If it doesn't work when you buy it, forget getting AlgoZone to help. :angry:


P.S. You are looking at the incorrect mainpage.php file. What you want is located in catalog/includes/languages/english/mainpage.php


CHMOD that to 777 and all should be ok. ;)

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