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The e-commerce.

quick question on general functionality


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I'm busy right now transferring an existing ecommerce web site to a new provider. osCommerce was provided (installed) by my new provider.


I'll read all the docs eventually but right now would someone be kind enough to help by responding to this (in a very general way)...


1.) Can products be put into the cart from "outside" the cart? What I mean is... I currently have a cart system on my old site. The cart does not have a "front end", products are passed to the cart system via forms on regular html pages.


2.) I have a database (Filemaker Pro on Mac) with all my product in it. From this db I can click a button and create an "html" product page. This page contains the form code to "buy" and pass the variables to the cart. So I have all my product data (price, description, etc, etc) in this database. Is there some way I can pass this data into osCommerce? With my current cart I can change the look of a template page and recreate hundreds of "hard" html pages in minutes (with data from database).


I'm just looking for very general answers at this point. I'm busy loading up my new site and just don't have time reading all the osCommerce docs right now...


Comments please.

I know, I need to read the docs... but can you give me a flavor of the cart system ... please?)


(see current site at thinkbible.org

You can navigate thru my product pages even though cart isn't running.

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You should look at Easy Populate in the contributions section (look under the Community link above). This allows you to upload/download from/to a local file/spreadsheet/database.



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Thanks for the tip. Will do. And can I put something in the cart from "outside" the normal interface? ie: if I have product page outside the cart sys (EXAMPLE) can data be passed to the cart???


On the sample page if you click the "BUY" button the cart script runs and 5 pieces of data are passed to it (item- description- weight- tax- quantity).

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