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Product attribute name not showing


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Hi, some of my items have attributes selectable by a pull down box, these show up fine in the cart.

eg colour - blue


Others have attributes where the user enters text, I have added easypopulate.


In the cart these show the text entered but not the attribute name before the dash.


This is a problem because there are 7 textboxes and if a user only inputs into some of them I dont know which.


I have looked in the database, there is an entry in the attribute_nane fiele and I have had a look in shopping_cart.php but I cannot fathom this.


Any help appreciated,




If the above isnt clear click below, punch some numbers in then go to the cart.


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I had a quick look at your link


I am not quite the php freak, databases is more my domain, so this is not a real solution as I cannot reproduce locally but might help you.


in product info php you specify which value is written into which db field, this field obiously has a name (eg Right SPH)


in shopping cart youread out the fields content, so just alter the code ad for db field name as well and echo it before the echo of it's value.


sorry for my bad english, I am Italian and live in germany. :-)

hope I expressed it well



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