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When to make a contribution?


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If I have developed something that I didn't see in the contributions already, when would be the appropriate time to actually submit that contribution? After reasonable testing? After a discussion? After someone approves the contribution?


I'm relatively new to this concept, so I'd appreciate any advice :)


Also, if a contribution is an InfoBox, but is also based on another contribution (that is a "Feature"), would it be best to make a new contribution under InfoBoxes, or to add to the existing one?


Specifically, I have two contributions: one is a "quick-link" box that displays items based on matches from an added field.


The other is an "indexing" function that lets you list item fields (like "publisher") by another set of data (like "ISBN") - so, for example, you could list ISBN's (on the product_listing page) sorted by the publisher's name (or vv).


TIA for your advice!

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Anytime is the right time. It is nice when there's decent docs and it actually works though. Maybe use that as a guideline.



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We have a new Contributions Development channel (please read the guidelines) - if your contribution is unfinished or requires further development, upload it to Contributions marked as such and open a thread in this channel - you cannot discuss or get feedback on your contribution until it has been uploaded.



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I presume the contribution development channel is to discuss the further development of contributions which is not what you are asking about here!



The contribution does not have to be completed to be uploaded or discussed on the Contributions Development channel - there are several contributions that have been developed in this way - this allows community input and works well!


The contribution *does* need to be uploaded (finished or not) if its development is going to be discussed on our forums :D



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