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The e-commerce.

First Os Commerce cart: can you please take a look


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I have found many tips and solutions to some problems while building this site. Thank you for posting such useful information!


My site has been up for a year now, and works pretty well.

I wanted some feedback though from you pros, see if there is something i can improve.





thanks alot!



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I love the types of things your selling, but I wouldn't buy from you. The main reason is that your product descriptions are sorely lacking. Here are some examples:


Petitgrain Shower Gel


There is a link to the products "webpage", but that page doesn't have one single word of more detail than what is already there - and it requires me to click more. Put all the info on this page and get rid of individual product webpages - it's just confusing.


Lemon Verbane Hydrosol


I have no idea what a hydrosol is - tell your customers what it is and how to use it. There is NO description here.


Geranium Shampoo


I like to know what's in the products I buy - how about an ingedients list. Is this for dry hair, oily, normal?? Safe for kids?


WORDS!! You need a lot more words.


Here are some other things that I would do as well:

- Make your logo bigger, the "discover the essence of life" is barely readable

- You only have 1 language, so get rid of the entire "languages" infobox

- Get rid of the goofy little icons in the right corner - and then use all that header space for something more important - a free shipping banner, an image showing what credit cards you take - your 800 number (if you have one) or something else that customers care about.

- Tell me something about your store on the home page - one line about the products being from Morocco is not enough. Who are you? Why should I buy these products from you? Are they cheaper, hard to find, better than other similar products? Sell them to me.

- You have no infomation on your shipping and returns page or on your privacy policy page


I'm sorry to be so critical, but these are important issues if you want to get sales. I'd be curious to hear how your first year in business went.


Good luck,


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Thanks alot for the feedback.


The main site is Amoressence


It does contain more informatino about who we are etc.


I agree about everything you said. I don't mind the criticism at all! It's better to be honest :)


Actually, business has been slowly picking up. I haven't concentrated on the site that much because we had alot of other things to work on.


I really agree about the header:

what file do I amke these changes in? I find it difficult still to modify everything. I'm not the best at it yet and it takes time to find things. Ideally I'd like to redo the whole header and make it prettier. (Again, with which file?)



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The main site is Amoressence


Yes, that is a better - why not try using the woman's eyes picture as your header in OSCommerce. The file to change is includes/header.php


Also, put a link to your About Us page in the OSCommerce section so people can get to it. After they leave the homepage, there is no easy way back to that section.



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Pretty stock. I agree with what the previous poster said about the descriptions - put them in the product info rather than linking it.


I'd remove the stock osCommerce gifs in the corner and prettify your header. Another thing I might do is change the color of the pale orange background. I'm not sure to what, but I don't really think it works.


Personally, I just find it boring. I'd spiffy up the design a little - add some pictures to the header, redesign the boxes to look a bit more interesting, etc. With a natural beauty products site, you have such a good opportunity to use really pretty nature pictures, and I'd use some.


Another, very small thing you might want to consider doing is changing the arrows in the box heading. The stock OSC ones kind of look messy to me, and it takes five seconds to clean them up a bit. The blue reviews hand picture clashes with the rest of your site, by the way.

Always BACK UP your files and your database before making any changes. Before asking questions, check out the Knowledge Base. Check out the contributions to see if your problem's solved there. Search the forums.


Useful threads: Store Speed Optimization How to make a horrible shop Basics for design change How to search the forums


Useful contributions: Easypopulate Fast, Easy Checkout Header Tag Controller

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thanks alot for the help, the contrib is a quick fix. thanks!


There is so much I want to change. I just find it difficult to know where to go.

For the header I'd like to make it alot bigger, add a picture and make it more integrated wth my main site.

Also, for the products, I would like to change the layout of the product information. Any tips? I would like to have different paragraphs.

(I'm not even sure about making ingredients in Italics etc)


Thanks in advance for your help

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