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The e-commerce.

Can I showcase products checking out?


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Need help! I have some products that can be purchased at our bricks and mortor store only, however would like to show them within our product section online. While other other products are available online. Is there a way to do this and if so how? Thanks

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I am not to sure what you want? I think you want to display products without the purchase option?


Here is the code I used to do just that. Goes at the bottom of product_info.php or anywhere there is a buy now button.


 if ($products_id=="36"){ 
       echo '<a href="front_page.php" onmouseover="self.status=\'iJoy\'; document.scontinue.src=\'images/s_continue02.jpg\'; return true;" onmouseout="self.status=\'' . $status_source . '\'; document.scontinue.src=\'images/s_continue01.jpg\'; return true;" onmousedown="document.scontinue.src=\'images/s_continue03.jpg\'; return true;" title="iJoy 100"><img src="images/s_continue01.jpg" border="0" name="scontinue" title="iJoy" alt="iJoy"></a>'; 
       echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_id', $product_info['products_id']) . '<a href="javascript:document.cart_quantity.submit()"  onmouseover="document.go.src=\'images/button_buy_now03.gif\'; window.status=\'Add an ' . $products_name . ' to Shopping Cart\'; return true;" onmouseout="document.go.src=\'images/button_buy_now04.gif\'; window.status=\'' . $status_source . '\'; return true;" onmousedown="document.go.src=\'images/button_buy_now05.jpg\'; return true;"><img alt="Add an ' . $products_name . ' to Shopping Cart" src="images/button_buy_now04.gif" name="go" border="0"></a>'; 
  	 } ?>


The only problem is that it is not dynamic. I suppose you could add a new field in the products table if that was important.


Hope this helps


Billy Z

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