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Help please with shipping table


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hi, first thanks to any help offered. I've been at this for hours today, and hours yesterday and just cant get it.

I'm trying to set up my shipping table.


Table Rate


Enable Table Method



Shipping Table



Table Method



Handling Fee



Tax Class



Shipping Zone



Sort Order



each item is 50 grams, so I've put 50 in the item description for its weight. My idea on the table was 500 meaning 500g, postage would be 5.20 than 3kg or 3000 grams shipping $9.20. than the last one is just a woo woo as I read somewhere in here that you need a last one to make the first two work.

Problem is I have one item in my cart but the shipping keeps coming up as $9.20. I am so lost. Have I missed something? ANY help greatly appreciated.

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Hi, no I hadent, I dont know why it was on 500. But its working right now. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I was just having a coffee thinking I was doomed.


So was my shipping table workings right after all? just another thing affecting it.??





Have you set the package tare weight in Shipping/Packaging under Configuration to 0?

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I dont know if its in pounds or grams.  does it matter with the same ratio?  I dont know how pounds work, Can anyone clarify this?  It does seem to be working with things so far.


the unit is what you say it is. Just make sure that if your weight of your product is in pounds, your shipping table is also in pounds. i.e. consistancy.

As long as you do that you can even make the unit peanuts.

Treasurer MFC

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