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The e-commerce.

I installed it on my domain...I'm new....Now what?


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I own the small business. I have a few sites. I want to start using OS Commerce for a few new sites. I have a dedicated server. I enabled OS Commerce (latest version) and installed it on one of my new domains.


I was able to figure out that I had to go to mydomain.com/admin and then login to get to the admin panel. I've opened every link and have clicked around making little changes here and there. This is pretty straight forward.


I've got to remove all the categories that are in there (and the products) about DVD's and such, make the index page the right page (it's now the domain.com/oscommerce page I'm changing) change text, add new text pages, remove the language menu, modify the template, etc etc.


Ok, I'm not a total moron :rolleyes: but I have no idea where to start. I don't know php or mysql although I know html. I'm sure there are some good ideas in these posts, and I've been reading them here and there. The thing is when I want to do something specific it's hard to find out what to do.


I know I can probably do this myself.


Is there someplace or some document I can download/view and read for someone like me? Like, OS Commerce for dummies or something? I can follow step by step instructions. I know the answer is out there. I'm just having trouble finding it.


Someone point me in the right direction?





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There is a link in my signature for MS2 documentation. That will help you with the basics.


Don't let the fact that it is PHP get you feeling overwhelmed. Once you start looking around at the pages and code it should start to make sense to you. :)


Good luck and if you run into something you are unsure of just post the question here. There are a bunch of great people who are smart, have used osCommerce for a long time and help others.

Wendy James


Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

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I am having the same query. I know html but still i have to learn php , cgi.

I cannot download the documentation by the link provided by you.

I also want to know how to apply the templates in the store. I have downloaded few templates but because of my lack of knowledge in php i dont know what to do next.

Your Help is Appreciated.


If Anyone can solve my follwing problems I am facing currently I would be grateful.


1. I have uploaded my products. in my site through admin panel.

How do I change the Index page. also I want to insert my company logo in place of oscommerce on the top how to do that???

2. My site is hosted on frihost.net.

While testing my site When i try to register or login the following message occors:

The Connection To MYSITENAME.frihost.net has been terminated unexpectedly. Some data may have been transferred. Is this error for my hosting site or for oscommerce.

Kindly solve my query.

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There is a link in my signature for MS2 documentation. That will help you with the basics.



Hi Wendy,


Followed the link and have saved the pdf. Thanks for that. I think it'll get me started for sure. I've begun printing it out, and after I get into this thing I'll be back with more questions. I'm really excited about all this!


Thanks again Wendy,



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