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Session variable not globally defined


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Hi, Has anyone else come across this error, either with the paypal IPN contribs or any other code?


Fatal error: Session variable cart_PayPal_IPN_ID is not globally defined


I am getting it every time i add new code which uses session variables, including some contribs which others seem to use happily.


I have tried turning register_globals off and on with the line


php_flag register_globals 0


in my htaccess files, but it makes no difference. I have the contrib "Register Globals" installed on my store, which is working perfectly, EXCEPT for any new session variable i introduce.


I have tried changing the syntax of session vars to $_SESSION, and have used code from mods and even code written by a third-party affiliate program which others have used, but I get this error everytime a introduce a new session variable.


Does anyone know what that error means?!? Is it a server setup problem?


If anyone has any idea i'd be VERY grateful as no other oscommerce users have reported this error.



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If you check the net, you will find that when ever a forum thread mentions this problem, thats where the thread ends! I think it may be down to those of us with a vested interest in solving it, but its good to know I am not the only one.


A few people have had a look at this for me and everyone is stumped, but having spent the last week on it I have some leads...


Do you have the "Register Globals" contrib installed? Its a work-around for having register_globals set to off in the php.ini file. I suspect this script may have something to do with it.


Is register_globals on or off on your Server?


does this error occur with anything other than session variables? (ie $_SESSION or $HTTP_SESSION_VARS)



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The error doesn't come from php at all! it comes from the "register globals" patch!!!!


The following chunk of code is from the edited version of sessions.php:


if(key_exists($var_name, $var_refs))


if ($map)


// Map global to session variable. If the global variable is already set to some value

// then its value overwrites the session varibale. I **THINK** this is correct behaviour

if (isset($GLOBALS[$var_name]))


$_SESSION[$var_name] = $GLOBALS[$var_name];



$GLOBALS[$var_name] =& $_SESSION[$var_name];




// Unmap global from session variable (note that the global variable keeps the value of

// the session variable. This should be unnecessary but it reflects the same behaviour

// as having register_globals enabled, so in case the OSC code assumes this behaviour,

// it is reproduced here


$GLOBALS[$var_name] =& $nothing;


$GLOBALS[$var_name] = $_SESSION[$var_name];





echo 'Fatal error: Session variable '.$var_name.' is not globally defined<br />';




I don't know how to sort this out yet, but at least we know whats causing it!



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