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Payment Processing Issues


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I'm on the verge of a deep and painfull madness with this issue.


Ok so I have the Authorize.net module configured. Checklist below:


login ID: present and correct


Transaction key: present and correct


Refering/receipt URLS set on Athorize.net CP:

Default Receipt URL : https://www.mysite.com/catalog/checkout_confirmation.php

Others added:






Attempted transactions with test mode both on and off. With test cc and a real one.



Each time I get to https://secure.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll which is showing the payment information screen with the error "There has been an error processing your credit card. Please try again." and not a lot else.



Where is the fracking error? Authorize.net or OSCommerce? The payment is going through to Authorize.net otherwise I wouldn't be getting to the transact.dll page. So why is it not successful?


Can anyone help?


Eternaly grateful to anyone who can help. Using OS Commerce 2.2 Milestone 2


Everything else works fine .....so far

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This topic tells you how to return a numbered error code from transact.dll by editing authorize.net.php in your includes/modules/payment directory:



I got a 99 test mode when in test mode and just a plian 99 when in production......



I'll continue when I find out what this means..... I can't find this error code in the forums

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ok if anyone is listening, I hope this helps someone else some day.......

Support at Authorize net says:




The fingerprint hash is generated by a function within our sample scripts and is based on five parameters, amount, login id, transaction key, timestamp and sequence number.


Several things can cause Error 99. Three things which may cause the error are:


1) If the transaction key that you have embedded in your script is not correct. Just to be sure, generate a new transaction key, disable the old transaction key, and enter the new value in your script and test the connection.


To obtain the Transaction Key:


- Log into your Authorize.Net account at https://secure.authorize.net

-Click on "Settings and Profile"

-Under the SECURITY header, Click on "Obtain Transaction Key"


Step 1: Type in your Secret Answer (the answer to your secret question configured at setup).


Step 2: To disable the old transaction key, check the Disable Old Transaction Key box.


Note: If the Disable Old Transaction Key box is not checked, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours.


Step 3: Click Submit.


2) Also, the amount has to be set prior to the fingerprint generating function processing. This usually means that the x_amount should be set in a previous form and posted to the form that generates the fingerprint hash.


3) You may not be properly posting all the required fields for SIM.


Please be sure to have your login and transaction key set in your scripts. When using PHP and ASP sample scripts, these fields must be filled out in your simdata.php or simdata.asp file, respectively. In the PERL sample script, it must be entered into the sim.pl script.


The following field must be posted from your html form to the sim.php, sim.asp, or sim.pl in order for the fingerprint hash to be properly generated:

- The amount of the transaction (x_Amount)


The following fields must all be present in your sim.php, sim.asp, or sim.pl script (the page right before our payment form) in order for the transaction to be accepted:

- Merchant Login ID (x_Login)

- The sequence number of the transaction (x_FP_Sequence)

- The time when the sequence number was generated (x_FP_Timestamp)

- The Fingerprint Hash (x_FP_Hash)

- The amount of the transaction (x_Amount)


For more information, see our Error 99 resolution tool at https://developer.authorize.net/response_co...sp?page_id=7199




FYI you can find all the fields mentioned above by viewing the code source of your checkout confirmation page. Its all in some hidden fields at the bottom of the page.


I ran the resolution tool and it came up with the same fingerprint hash for the transaction so I'm thinking it's the transaction key. although if they match I don't know why there's an error........????!!!!

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