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Adding An Additional Picture


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I'm sorry if this is a repeat post. But I can not find it now that I need it. (Still looking). But I was wondering how I can add an extra picture to the header. I have the one on the left but I would like to add another one to the right.


Any help would be appreciated.




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The header information is located in catalog/includes/header.php between lines 55 and 66.

It will be easy to spot because the actual filenames of the images are in several tags: oscommerce.gif, which is located on the left of the stock header,

& header_account.gif, header_cart.gif, and header_checkout.gif, the 3 small images that are aligned to the right of the header.

Now that you found where you need to place your new header, your probably looking all the php scripting and wondering where exactly to put your image information.

This is easy also. If you look at the html structure you'll see that the stock header information is inserted into nothing more than a simple table row, table data structure:


<tr class="header">

<td valign="middle">This is the logo on the left</td>

<td valign="right">These are the images on the right</td>



Now if you plan on using the two sides fo the header box, left and right, then all you have to do is remove the contents of each <td> and replace it with your own.

If your are planning on using the entire area for your new header, then your going to need to make an adjustment.

This is one way:


<tr class="header">

<td valign="middle" colspan="2">This is the logo on the left</td>

<--! <td valign="right">These are the images on the right</td> -->



What is done here is the left side has been told to act like it's 2 data rows instead of 1, and since you don't want 3 data rows, I have commented out the second data row.

Now everything you put in the first data row will use the entire header area.


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